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                                     The Way of Bamboo
                          By Luis Molera, Santiago de Chile / Buenos Aires, February 2010

Zhu Dao, is a Chi Kung system that I never heard about before until I met Angel Fernandez, a college from Madrid, Spain, I enjoyed very much talking with him about tai chi chuan and chi kung, I appreciate his exquisite knowledge about those arts. He told me he knew Zhu Dao in a journey to South America where he was invited to talk about chi kung. At that time, Ana Maria Spezialle was teaching Zhu Dao at the Italian Hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her master, Mss. Wu Hui Min (Ana Wu) has developed the 30 exercises of the Bamboo Chi kung. Mss. Wu told she learned that set of exercises at home with her parents. They might put togheter some chi kung and kung fu techniques togheter to mataine a good health of body and mind.

During the about 20 to 25 minutes of practice, the focus is on the mind leading the energy through your body and the bamboo stick which normally should be a little smaller than yourself. The best is to take a real bamboo piece, a fresh but hard one and cutting the extremes to donít scratch your skin by accident.
The contact with this natural wood piece is a very special feeling if you concentrate on it and you just become one with it. In Asia the Bamboo is also very much used for many things, also in the philosophy like in Tai Chi Chuan "be flexible like the Bamboo, you can bend with the wind but donít loose the roots".
Some of the movements are like movements of kung fu or tai chi stick, other you just have to focus where the energy is flowing at that time.

In one of my trips through South America I visited Ana Maria and practised with her the whole set, there is a standing and a moving version. She teaches old people, or others who where sick for a period of time and now need a reha program. And she is doing this with great succes. Many people could take benefits os doing Zhu Dao for at least a couple of weeks every day. Of course like by all methods of chi kung, if you do not practices regularly, you should not expect wonders. However, those who are not very much confidante with the Chinese medicine and the acupuncture canals to let flow their energies trough them, they are happy to know how to do the exercise in the right body posture, then the correct body posture is important to make the joints free, the internal structure builds all other more process, and at the end just the energy is important.

The Bamboo cane has, like the human spine, many pieces (vertebra) one upon each other. So you need to root in the ground, but then we grow up to the top of our head, to the sky. And so is the same with the Bamboo which grows up.
The training is very helpful to people with a tense back, neck and shoulder, there are many of the exercises bending and extending the arms and upper back, turning and stretching. But donít think is just another extension exercise, you have to only extend until a certain point and then fill it with mind-energy.

If you take it like The Way of the Bamboo, it will be a kind of Chi Kung system which you will enjoy from the beginning also because is very easy to learn. And good things does not have to be complicated.
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Inner touch Tai Chi  Waaier , Stok, Zwaard en Sabel  door Judith van Drooge Tai Chi Inner Touch DVD Zwolle Judith van Drooge
Zhu Dao Chi Kung - De Weg van Bamboo

De namen van de bewegingen van Chi Kung Tao Zhu

3.Opening links en rechts
4.Teken Infinity (links, rechts, verenigt * Links / rechts.)
5.Unlock Medium Tan Tien (solar plexus)
6.Helix (Foster Tan Tien Laag)
7.Unlock Tien Tan Superior (PAI-Hui)
8.Helix (Foster Tan Tien Superior)
9.* Tekenen met Bamboe
10.Keep up the sky
11.Draai terug om de zon te zien opkomen
12.Bamboe tak zwaaiend in de wind
13.Bamboe Column
14.* Jonge Bamboe groeit naar de hemel
15.Strelen de Regenboog
16.Bamboe laat bewegen met de wind
17.Bamboescheuten ontstaan van de Aarde
18.Bereiken van de sterren, het spelen van de Roots
19.Het stimuleren van de meridianen en massage van de rug en schouders
20.Verlaging Yang
21.Versterken van de portalen van de Wind (nek en hoofd)
22.Massage rug
23.Stimulatie lumbale
24.Sacro-stuitbeen Massage
25.Stimuleer Blaas en Galblaas meridianen (onder)
26.Massage benen * (1 izquio-scheenbeen, 2 twins, 3 vol)
27.Ancestral Awakening Chi (Ming-Men)
28.* Embracing the Family of Bamboo (Zhan-Zhuan), Sea Power Move
29.Verbind met het Centrum
30.Wrijven de Bamboo
31.Voeding van Hemel en Aarde
32.Sluiten en groeten

toevoeging van twee bewegingen
meer komen in de manier van Kung Fu Taichi Palo (* 9 en 14). Daarom is deze serie is een totaal van tweeŽndertig zetten in plaats van dertig als het origineel.

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